Ceiling Fan Cost Guide In Singapore [Updated 2024]

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Are you aware that over 70% of many homes globally have at least one ceiling fan for cooling purposes, according to the Ceiling Fans (ENERGY STAR)? That’s a lot, right?

Therefore, choosing the right ceiling fan in Singapore for your house can be confusing. With countless options, styles, sizes, features, and prices, it is easy to be overwhelmed and land a fan you didn’t intend to purchase.

If you’re afraid of selecting the wrong fan for your house, we’ve got you covered in our ceiling fan cost guide. We have done in-depth research to bring you this comprehensive ceiling fan cost guide in Singapore to help you make informed decisions in 2024.

So, let’s dive in and unleash everything you need to know about the world of ceiling fans with confidence this year!



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Overview of Different Types of Ceiling Fans

There are many types of ceiling fans in Singapore for your liking. The type is one of the core factors influencing the fan to be installed in your house. 

1.     Standard Ceiling Fans

Most of the fans in homes are standard. These types of fans come in different styles, but the most distinguishing feature of these fans is the four or five blades they come with.

Additionally, standard ceiling fans might come with or without light. Also, another trait of these fans is that they are designed with cylindrical rods that extend downward and connect the ceiling fan’s motor housing to the bracket installed on the ceiling. Typically, the down rod permits these standard fans to be mounted easily on both sloped and flat roofs.

2.     Low-Profile Ceiling Fans

If you want a ceiling fan that accommodates a lower ceiling of approximately eight feet or less, you’re looking for low-profile fans. What distinguishes low-profile fans from other types of fans is their ability to be installed directly onto a mounting bracket rather than on a down rod in the ceiling.

These fans are also designed to save space and are quieter than standard fans. Low-profile ceiling fans are ideal because they can also be used in outdoor activities. However, they could be better for rooms with lower ceilings.

3.     Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

Many people would love to customize items to suit their tastes; unlike the Dual Motor fans, not all fans come with this feature, meaning you can customize each fan. Thus, a high wind-option can blow in one direction, whereas a cool breeze can flow in another as per your choice.

Additionally, these fans are designed with a central motor attached to two horizontal rods providing support to each and adjustable fan heads. Therefore, these features come in handy and offer a more industrial look to these types of fans. Similarly, they are ideal for increased circulation compared to standard ceiling fans.

4.     Smart Ceiling Fans

With tech, everything seems possible. Nowadays, you can control the airflow of your fan by pressing a button on your remote. This is possible if you purchase smart ceiling fans in your home.

Generally, smart fans provide seamless control over airflow and features through wireless connectivity, allowing users to manage them via their smartphones, tablets, or dedicated remote controls.

Moreover, many ceiling fan models offer the flexibility to upgrade them, thus transforming them into smart, energy-efficient fixtures tailored to the user’s preferences and lifestyle.

5.     Oversized Ceiling Fans

Large rooms, especially those without windows, can be hard to offer natural air ventilation. If this has been a challenge, we’ve got you covered. This problem can only be solved by oversized ceiling fans.

Oversized fans are linked to warehouse settings or are majorly for industrial use. They provide air circulation throughout large areas to offer proper air circulation. However, these impressive fixtures are finding new contexts and applications in custom-built modern homes.

Additionally, these types of fans are becoming popular in areas such as;

  • Sprawling home gyms
  • Expansive foyers
  • Outdoor hosting spaces

These fans also work well in homes with high ceilings, such as lofts or large urban residences, where regular fans might not circulate air effectively.

Now you know the common types of ceiling fans to choose for your home. However, selecting the best ceiling fan for your house in Singapore can be influenced by various factors such as cost, size, material, and features,

Here, we break down the key factors determining the ceiling fan cost or things to consider before buying an affordable one for your project.


Top 5 Factors Affecting Ceiling Fan Cost You Need to Know Before Buying a Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan1

The cost of a ceiling fan in Singapore is crucial in determining the type of ceiling fan you’ll install in your house. Therefore, the size, materials used to make the fan, features brand, and style play a monumental role in affecting ceiling fan cost, as discussed below;

·       Size:

One of the core factors determining the cost of a ceiling fan is its size. In this case, the size of a fan is primarily measured by blade span. This means vast fans with broader blade spans are often costly compared to smaller ones. Generally, an enormous fan incorporates increased and sturdy materials with advanced manufacturing.

Therefore, size should be a factor to remember when choosing the right size for your room. Consider the correct dimensions and layouts to ensure optimal air circulation and flow in your house.

·       Motor:

AC or DC are the common types of motors designed for ceiling fans. Each set of motors comes with its features and price tag, thus making the type of motor designed in a ceiling fan increasingly essential to consider before choosing the best one in Singapore.

Ceiling fans with DC motors are popularly known for their energy efficiency trait. Similarly, they are quiet, making their initial cost more expensive, but can lead to long-term cost savings through lowering energy consumption.

On the other hand, AC motors are considered the most common and affordable option, but they are less energy-efficient, making them affordable. If you want a less energy-efficient fan, consider one with an AC motor.

·       Materials:

Ceiling fans are made from different materials. Some materials include unique and sturdy trait ceiling fans, thus making them tagged differently. The construction materials mainly affect the ceiling fan price.

Therefore, fans made from high-quality materials such as metal or solid wood usually have a higher price tag, unlike those made from plastic or composite materials. Thus, the materials used in making fans significantly affect the ceiling fan cost.

When selecting a fan in Singapore, consider the longevity, aesthetic appeal, and maintenance requirements of different materials when evaluating their cost-effectiveness. By so doing, it will be easy to decide on the type of ceiling fan you’re looking for in your project.

·       Features:

Some features in ceiling fans include integrated ceiling lighting kits, innovative functionality, remote control, wall control, and pull chain. Generally, these have a significant impact on the overall cost of your fan.

Yes, the above features offer excellent experience and customization options but be ready to dig deep into your pocket to have such a ceiling fan in your house. Selecting the best and most affordable ceiling fan involves looking into many factors to avoid last-minute inconvenience.

Do you need a cheap ceiling fan for your home in Singapore? The above features are pivotal in helping you plan and sum up your budget to match your ceiling fan budget.

Let’s unleash the different brands and prices of ceiling fans to help you decide when selecting an affordable ceiling fan.


Detailed Breakdown of the Ceiling Fan Prices and Brands in Singapore

The ceiling fan price, as disclosed below, is the first thing to remember before selecting the best ceiling fan in Singapore. Therefore, whether running with a whooping $500 or $1000, you must have a budget for your fan project.

The cheaper the ceiling fan, the fewer features the fan comes with. Features such as ceiling fan lighting, pull chain control, remote control, and smart connectivity make the ceiling fan quite expensive.

The following table shows ceiling fan brands and prices in 2024.

Brand Name

Product Name

















Best Ceiling Fans Brands in Singapore- An Overview with Pros and Cons

Choosing the right ceiling fan for your home in Singapore can be overwhelming with so many brands and models available. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular brands in Singapore, highlighting their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision:

1.     Fanco:

If you’re looking for a ceiling fan brand that offers both DC and AC motor options for you to choose from for your ceiling fan project in Singapore, the Fanco brand is what you’re looking for. They cater to different budgets and provide various types, features, and styles of ceiling fans.


  • It comes with a wide range of ceiling fans to choose from
  • Offer quality and reliable fans
  • Provides advanced features, including intelligent functionality and energy-efficient DC motors


  • It can be slightly more expensive compared to some other brands.

2.     KDK:

KDK ceiling fan brand is a famous Japanese brand known for its premium, energy-efficient, and durable ceiling fans. This brand also specializes in DC fan motors and includes various features such as LED lighting and remote control in ceiling fans.


  • Offer durable and high-quality ceiling fans
  • They specialize in DC types of motors, thus helping in lowering the energy consumption
  • Many of their models are known for their quiet operation


  • Offers fewer options compared to some other brands.

3.     Bestar:

Like the KDK, the Bestar brand has also focused on DC  types of motor ceiling fans—The features of the ceiling fan brand include control and lighting, among others. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to purchasing a ceiling fan designed with high-quality materials at a pocket-friendly price, Bestar is your go-to brand.


  • Their products are pretty affordable
  • Include features such as lighting and remote control in their models
  • Known for their excellent customer services


  • Provides fewer selection of models compared to its competitors

4.     Alaska:

This Singaporean ceiling fan brand is well-known for providing items that can withstand the test of time. They cater to different budgets for everyone’s needs, with DC and AC motor options. Similarly, Alaska comes with pocket-friendly ceiling fans to cater to most people.


  • They are budget-friendly
  • It comes with a decent selection of models with different unique features to choose from


  • Alaska is not a well-known brand like some of its competitors

5.     Decco:

Decco fans are stylish, featuring DC motors and several lamp colors for ambiance control. Also, their modern design fits well in living rooms, but their style-focused approach may only suit some interior themes.


  • Offers some of the most budget-friendly options in the market.
  • It is ideal for those seeking a simple and affordable ceiling fan.


  • Decco products come with limited features and may need more advanced advanced features, such as intelligent functionality and remote control

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right ceiling fan for your home can be daunting. However, understanding the factors affecting ceiling fan cost and acquainting yourself with some of the best types of ceiling fans can help you find the perfect fan for your home comfort. Remember, the ideal choice lies at the intersection of functionality, budget, and personal preferences.

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