11 Best Odour Removal Companies In Singapore (With Reviews) [Updated 2023]

lemon odor removal

lemon odor removal

Homees provides a directory of house cleaning companies in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of odour removal companies that can suit your home needs. You can view the cost of odour removal in Singapore in our cost guide.

11 Best Odour Removal Companies In Singapore



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Homees Concierge Service


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994 Bendemeer 03-04 Singapore 339943

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- Mold remediation
- Decontamination
- Odor Removal
- Flood damage restoration
- Fire damage restoration

25 Kaki Bukit Pl Singapore 416203


Clean Lab


- Event Cleaning
- Infection Prevention
- Mattress Cleaning
- Moving In/Out Cleaning
- Odour Treatment

25 Kaki Bukit Place Singapore 416203

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Aeon Cleaning Management


- Disinfecting
- General Cleaning
- One Time Cleaning
- End Tenancy Cleaning
- Post Renovation Cleaning

Blk 490B Choa Chu Kang Ave 5 #06-265 Singapore 682490

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Big Red Pte Ltd


- Disinfection Service
- Mold Remediation
- Bio-Decontamination

- Anti-Virus Surface Coating
- Odor Treatment

3018 Bedok North St 5 Eastlink Building #01-15 Singapore 486132


LAF Environmental Services


- Air Purification
- Odor Control
- Aircon Services
- Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitation
- Tailor Made Air Ducting & Diffusers

53 Ubi Avenue 1 #05-56 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408934


Disaster Restoration


- Chemical Disaster Recovery
- Duct Cleaning
- Mold Removal 
- Equipment Restoration
- Foul Odor Treatment

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OCD Pte Ltd


- Disinfection Services
- General Housekeeping
- Post Renovation
- Commercial Cleaning
- End Of Tenancy

5 Soon Lee Street #02-31 Singapore 627607

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Bring Cleaner


- Spring cleaning for Household
- One time move in/move out cleaning of household
- Weekly Household cleaning
- Restaurant Cleaning
- Foodcourt Cleaning


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- Flood Damage Restoration
- Dust Mite Anti Allergen
- Specialty Stain Removal
- Tile Grout Cleaning Service
- Disinfection Services

85 Genting Lane #04-03 Guan Hua Building Singapore 349569

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Pest Clinic


- Pest Control

- Disinfection Service

3 Ubi Avenue 3, #05-03A Singapore 408857

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 11 online reviews

Four Solutions


- Pest Control

- Car Fogging
- Mold and Fungal Removal
- Grass Trimming

T-Space, 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #08-57 Singapore 528559

Average Rating: 5/5
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Hire Odour Removal Services In Singapore


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Odours are a common phenomenon whether it is in your home, office, gym, schools, or other areas. No matter how much you clean and try to keep your house tidy and shining, you can never completely avoid the different smells and odours.

These odours can be from cooking, pets, upholstery, mould and mildew smell, smoking, carpets, bathroom, soiled clothes, as well as odours arising from other sources.

Odour removal is one of the most important aspects of cleaning your house or any other area. Even if your house is shining brightly from all the cleaning that you do, if there is any foul or unpleasant odour, it will give off a negative impression to anyone entering.

We will describe in detail how you can get rid of foul odours from your home and offices. On the other hand, if you plan on hiring professional odour removal services, you also have this option which we will discuss in the later sections along with all the benefits you can achieve from hiring them.


Cost Of Home Cleaning To Remove Odour

Type of house


Regular cleaning

Post-renovation cleaning / Move-out cleaning

Studio Apartment

500 to 799 sqft

$75 – $150


Condo 2 Bedroom / HDB 2-3 Room

800 to 999 sqft

$85 – $170


Condo 3 Bedroom / HDB 4-5 Room

1000 to 1399 sqft



Condo 4 Bedroom / HDB Mansionette

1400 to 1799 sqft




1800 to 2000 sqft



Different Odour Types

You are bound to encounter different types of odours when you live in a house. These odours can be from different sources and comprise odours from smoking, mould, fungus, mildew, cooking, sewage, and other sources. These odours can be quite unpleasant and give a very non-welcoming outlook to anyone who enters your house.

These different musty and foul odours can be removed through various home remedies. However, the home remedies may be successful in removing the foul odour for some time, but unless the source of the foul odour has been removed, you cannot guarantee that the foul odour will not come back.

This is where you should seek the services of professional odour removal companies who will identify the source of the problem, fix it, and remove all odours to give a fresh and pleasant environment for everyone living in the house.

These odours can also point toward a serious underlying problem that may be harmful to your health or cause irreparable damage to the structures of your home. Therefore, identifying them and fixing them is of utmost importance to help you save money in the long run.


How To Get Rid Of Musty Smell And Other Odours

If you want to get rid of foul odours from your home, there are many home remedies that you can apply. Some of these can be quite effective for the usual smells and odours that you encounter on a day to day basis. These are discussed below:

  • One of the easiest and fastest ways to remove bad odours from the house is to open all windows and use exhaust fans to enable cross ventilation in all the rooms. This will ensure that all bad smells from inside the house will be reduced.
  • Lemon can also be used to remove odours. Just cut a few lemons in half and place them in different places to absorb some of the odours.
  • Baking soda is also an important element when it comes to odour removal. Placing an open jar of baking soda in the refrigerator will absorb any kind of foul smells. Similarly, sprinkling baking soda in the trash can also help in removing the bad odour of garbage.
  • You can even make a mixture of half a cup of baking soda in two quarts of water and clean the bathroom and kitchen tiles and floors with it. It will not result in shinier tiles but will also remove bad odours.
  • Coffee beans or ground coffee can be placed in cupboards and shelves to absorb bad smells.
  • If you want to remove the smell of cooking from the kitchen, one idea is to take half a cup of vinegar in 1 quart of water and let it simmer on the stove for a few minutes. This will also remove the smell of any burnt food. The smell of vinegar will vanish quite quickly, so you do not have to worry about that.
  • To remove odours from upholsterycarpets, and rugs, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the surface and leave for a few hours. You can then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda afterwards.
  • To remove the smell of pet urine or vomit, spray the area with a solution of water and vinegar and leave for some time. Blot the area and apply the solution again and continue doing this until the odour has been removed. The smell of vinegar itself will be gone quickly.
  • To remove odour from mould and mildew, clean the mould and sprinkle with baking soda to absorb the foul odours. However, this type of odour needs to be eliminated from the source, which means that you will have to remove the source of mould in the first place.
  • Once the odours have been removed, you can deodorise your home using air fresheners, flowers, or air deodorisers. You can even apply vanilla to a light bulb. When turned on, the heat will cause the vanilla smell to fill the room.
  • Apple cider vinegar is also a natural odour-elimination home remedy. You can create a spray out of it by combining it with equal parts of water and adding it to a spray bottle for easy use. Apple cider vinegar can help to kill bacteria too, giving it the added benefit of improving the air quality of your home.

Is odour harmful?

An odour that arises could either be due to a single chemical or a mixture of chemicals. It is a smell produced and different chemicals vary in their ability to produce odour. Smelling an odour does not accurately indicate the level of exposure a person faced. Neither does it shows whether you will suffer health effects.

The health effects resulting from odours vary in many aspects, such as type & concentration of chemicals, duration of exposure and relative sensitivity of each person. Odour is not a clear representative method to determine the risk of health effects. For e.g Carbon monoxide is harmful when inhaled in excessive amounts, but it is odourless and there is no warning of it at all.

But still, the odour can help us to identify if there is an existing problem to be fixed. For instance, mould problems, gas leaks or sewage problems are immediate issues to attend to.

Do people differ in how they notice odours?

Yes. Odour level varies due to factors such as concentration level area of exposure and a person’s sense of smell. Factors that can affect a person’s sense of smell include gender, age, and whether they smoke.

People also may react to odours in different ways. One might find an odour pleasant while the other feels completely otherwise. For example, some people would love the smell of durian and enjoy the taste of good quality durians.

However, the same family members of these durian lovers might not appreciate those strong smells. Also, people exposed to the same odour for a long time may get used to it and feel unaffected, even if it is unpleasant. For example, cleaning professionals who work with compost or garbage may not notice the smell after a while.

Hiring Professionals for Odour Removal: What To Expect From Them?

The usual daily odours of a house are inevitable, and you can do many home remedies to get rid of them. However, sometimes the odours are not the usual ones and they are not so easy to remove.

When you hire professional cleaning companies, the main thing which you can expect from them is that they will determine the source of the odours and take care of the source.

In general, you can expect them to carry out the following tasks as part of odour removal:

Identify The Source of Odours

This is the main task that you can expect from them since there could be different sources of foul odours in a house. These can include :

  • Fire and smoke odours can linger on after the unfortunate event of a fire. This poses a health risk as well since you can be breathing smoke particles that could reach your lungs and cause respiratory issues for you.
  • Water leakage and mould can also cause a musty smell, especially after a flood. The identification of the odour source in such a case is crucial as, if left untreated, the mould can wreak havoc in your home and its structure.
  • Sewage issues are also a common reason for unpleasant odours in the house. These issues need to be fixed to remove the odours once and for all.

Once the professional odour removal experts have identified the source of the odour, they will eliminate it and then carry out the task of removing the odour through the following methods.

HEPA Filtration

HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filtration works by filtering the odour particles from the air, which results in clean, odourless, and healthy air for everyone to breathe in.

Hydroxyl Generator Technology

Hydroxyl generator technology uses hydroxyl molecules (made of hydrogen and oxygen) to remove bad odours and contaminants from the air.

Thermal Fogging

Thermal fogging is a technology through which the odour particles from the air are neutralised by the fine particles of the fog resulting in the elimination of odour.

Ozone Machine Odour Removal

Ozone is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. When it comes into contact with the odour particles, it quickly reacts with them and destroys all the bacteria and odour-causing molecules which results in the removal of the foul smell.

Chlorine Dioxide Odour Removal

In this method, a chlorine tablet is available in a canister to which some water is added. As soon as the water is added, the chlorine tablet dissolves and releases gas. This gas removes all bad odours from the room within a couple of hours.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Odour Removal Services

When you hire a professional odour removal service, you will achieve many benefits some of which are discussed below:

  • The professional odour removal companies are experienced in their line of work and know precisely how to determine the source of the issue so it can be eliminated. They fix the source problem before moving on to the step of actual odour removal.
  • When they identify the source of the problem, it can lead you to discover potential damaging issues for your house which, if it were left untreated, would have cost you a lot in repair and replacement.
  • They carry out various steps using state of the art technology and equipment to remove the bad odours once and for all.
  • They remove odours using advanced technology and take measures to prevent odours in the future.
  • They also use air deodorisers and other technology to replace bad odours with fresh and healthy odours.
  • When you hire professional service providers, it gives you peace of mind that they will carry out the task with full determination and efficiency, and you will not be able to have any issues in this regard.
  • By hiring professional odour removal services, you save your time and energy which you can utilise in some other meaningful way.
  • They have all the right equipment and tools, so you do not need to worry about buying different tools and supplies for the job.
  • Professional service providers make sure to use high-quality products that do not pose any risk to any individual. So you can be assured that all the products they use would not be hazardous for anyone and will not cause any allergies or respiratory issues for any member of the house.
  • Professional service providers are credible and reliable so you do not have to worry about any malicious activity on their part.
  • Hiring professional service providers saves you money in the long run since they would eliminate the source of the issue so you would not have to spend on odour removal after every few days.

Cost Of Odour Removal Singapore

The Cost of odour removal is subjective to various factors. The cost for odour removal service can vary depending on several factors such as:

  • The source of the odour. Depending on the cause and what effort is required to fix the issue, the cost will vary.
  • The types of technologies and techniques that will be used to remove the bad odours also affect the pricing.
  • Which company you are hiring, for example, their experience and how long they have been in business, their credibility, and their popularity will also affect their rates.
  • The different types of services and insurance options that they provide will also affect the cost of odour removal.
  • The area in which odour is to be removed, for example, the size of the house and the number of rooms will also determine the cost of odour removal services.

Depending on the cost and rates of various companies as well as other factors such as the credibility and reliability of the company, you can select a professional odour removal service provider for removing bad odours from your home.

You should also look at the customer reviews and testimonials of various companies to see which one has the most positive ones. The more positive reviews a company has is a testimonials of better customer satisfaction.

In such a case, you can rest assured that your task of odour removal will be carried out with maximum efficiency and professionalism.

Compare and review the best Odor Removal companies in Singapore

When you are hiring professional odour removal services, be sure to ask all prospective contractors all questions that come to your mind as well as view their gallery and portfolio, and compare prices of similar odour removal projects in your proximity. This will give you an idea of what the different contractors are offering and then you can choose the one which best suits your requirements.

You can read the reviews from previous customers to understand the background of prospective contractors, and how they rate their work, and message them directly to ask any specific questions.

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