11 Best Wall Panelling Companies In Singapore (With Reviews) [Updated 2023]

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Homees provides a directory of wall panelling companies in Singapore. You can compare and view a list of wall panelling companies that can suit your home needs.

11 Best Wall Panelling Companies In Singapore (Our Top Picks)



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994 Bendemeer #03-04 Singapore 339943

Average Rating: 5/5

SM Contractor

- Hacking and Dismantling
- Painting
- Wall Partitioning
- Wall Plastering

19 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 #01-03 Singapore 757719

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 15 online reviews



- Wallpaper
- Custom Mural (Digital Print)
- Concrete Effect Wall Panels (Kastpanel)
- Curtains & Blinds
- Wall Coating

#01-38, Oxley BizHub 2, 62 Ubi Road 1, S408734#01-10 (L1 & 2) Nordcom II, 2 Gambas Cres, S757044 (Free Parking) Singapore 408734

Average Rating: 5/5
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Acendo Pte Ltd


- Curtains
- Blinds
- Wallpapers
- Solar Films

On Appointment Basis Only

Average Rating: 5/5
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- Window film solutions
- Architectural solutions
- Flooring solutions
- Filtration solutions
- Coating solutions

2 Kim Chuan Drive #02-06 CSI Distribution Centre Singapore 537080

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 11 online reviews

Quads Supplies Pte Ltd


- Laminations - Adhesive Laminate (SLR)
- Wallcoverings - Feature Walls, Wallpapers & Craft Stones.
- Painting service
- Renovation works

8 Boon Lay Way #06-11 8@Tradehub Singapore 609964

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 12 online reviews

Hume Design & Tiling


- Epoxy painting
- Cement screed
- Kitchen Tiling
- Overlay toilet floor & wall
- Tiling works

10 Admiralty St, #05-65 Singapore 757695

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 12 online reviews

Innova Home Deco


- Custom Made Curtains
- Custom Made Blinds
- Motorized for Curtains & Blinds
- Wallpapers
- Window Solar Film

9 Little Road #03-02A Singapore 536985

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 15 online reviews

Metallic Epoxy Singapore


- Countertops

- Floorings

- Walls

- Doors

- Vanity Tops

18 Woodlands Sector 2, Woodlands Connection Singapore 737681

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 15 online reviews

Goodrich Global


- Wallcovering
- Fabric
- Carpet
- Flooring

8 Changi South Lane ,#01-01 Goodrich Building Singapore 486113

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 4 online reviews

Jotterwood Pte Ltd


- Flooring

- Ceiling Slat

- Faux Wall

- Wallpaper

FRONTIER 50 UBI AVE 3 #02-14 Singapore 408866

Average Rating: 5/5
Based on 14 online reviews



- Wallpaper
- Murals
- 3D Panels

65 Ubi Crescent #08-05 Hola Centre


Futar Enterprises Pte Ltd


- Flooring
- Tiling
- Countertops
- Feature Wall
- Bathroom Interior Design

19 Changi North Way Singapore 498786



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What is Wall Panelling?

In Singapore, Wall Panelling is rarely seen. Popular in the UK, wall panelling is the art of adding a touch of style and class to what would otherwise be a plain and boring wall.

Apart from adding character to the walls, and even covering uneven walls that have protruding or indented bumps, it can even be used as insulation for architecture walls.

Wall panelling is seldom costly, despite the value and aesthetical improvement it offers. For simple levels of panelling, it is easy for homeowners to DIY and adds panelling to their home themselves.


How to DIY Wall Panelling?

Homeowners can add a panel to the wall on their own. Some tools and materials will be needed:

  1. Decorative moulding
  2. Panel Pins
  3. Instant Adhesive
  4. Polyfilla
  5. Saw
  6. Nails
  7. Sandpaper
  8. Rails
  9. Putty

To start, you will have to decide where the dado rail will be and mark the spot on the wall. This is usually followed by measurements to make sure that the panels will fit properly and be aligned perfectly. Homeowners will have to note the size and spacing of the panels and mark it out on the wall accordingly. Next, the panels will be divided and sometimes cut, for them to be allocated across the wall.

Mounting the panels to the wall will take up the majority of the time for a project like wall panelling. This is because homeowners will need to test and check if every panel is levelled. Adjustments will need to be made and any dissatisfaction or second thoughts could prompt the press of the restart button.

After the panels are fixed up, paint is usually layered to finish the wall. The final stage comprises mending any damage to the wall with putty. Sandpaper is also used at this point to fine-tune and smoothen the edges of the panels.

Panelling is a long and tedious process, especially for the inexperienced and new. To save time and trouble, it may be better to hire a professional wall panelling contractor.

Cost of Wall Panelling in Singapore

Wall Type

Estimated Price Range


-Or Gypsum Board, covers wood or metal-framed walls

-Require a painter after the job is finished

$1,300 – $5,400

$430 – $1,100 (single wall)

$2.50 per sqft (repair)

Glass Wall

-Usually used as an accent or faux window

-Might include blocks, framed sheets, or floating tempered wall

$350 – $4,365

Half Walls

-About 3ft height

-Known as pony/knee walls

$580 – $7,600

($14 – $44 per linear foot)

Outdoor & Retaining Walls

$2,900 – $24,000

Partition Walls

-Temporary barriers

-Used to add privacy without permanently changing the apartment

$580 – $7,600

Plaster Walls

$4 – $11 per sqft (installation)

$145 – $6,500 (repair)

Wood/Shiplap Walls

-Price varies depending on size and type of wood (e.g. pine is cheaper while teak is more expensive)

$720 – $16,300

Wall Panelling is often compared to drywalls and features walls as an alternative as they perform similar functions and usage. Depending on the size and area of the wall, wall panelling may be a cheaper option as the cost varies by the panel.

The intended design will also affect the final cost. Hence, homeowners might find themselves with a cheaper alternative in the form of wall panels, especially if the panels are intended to be spaced out. Wall panels are usually sold by wall panelling companies in panelling kits. A package from a wall panelling company may include the measurements and installation process.

Homeowners can expect to pay $500-$600, on average, per square metre for home panelling projects (installation cost usually included).

For projects like panel installation, it is important to understand the warranty terms and timeline from the company you are purchasing from.

Types of Wall Panelling Options

  • Painted Wall Panelling
  • Feature Wall Panelling
  • DIY Wall Panelling

Tips for Wall Panelling

  • Keep it simple.
  • Use a grid layout as a style.
  • Panel over a piece of furniture to feature it.
  • Recreate cabin cladding.
  • Ribbed panelling is good for shelves and wardrobe areas.
  • Panelling can be used as a complementary to tiles.
  • Incorporate a peg rail.
  • Long and thin rectangular panels suit long rooms.
  • Stout square panels suit smaller rooms
  • Floor-to-ceiling panelling can give a contemporary look.
  • White panels can provide a coastal and seashore vibe.
  • Framing a large window with panels can help make the room look brighter, due to the focus on the light source.

Panelling is a great way to update a room, by bringing architectural shape to featureless rooms, while protecting the walls from the wear and tear of daily life.

Questions to ask prospective wall panelling contractor

  • What is the size of your company (total staff strength)?
  • What kinds of training have your staff been through?
  • Can you provide a free written estimate outlining all the terms and conditions of what we discuss?
  • What are the payment terms and options?
  • Do you offer a warranty or guarantee for your service or the unit?
  • What brands do you carry or service?
  • How long will the job take? Will you clean up after the job is completed?

Compare and review the best wall panelling companies in Singapore

View their gallery and portfolio, compare prices of similar wall panelling projects in your proximity. You can read the reviews from previous customers to understand the background of prospective contractors, and how they rate their work, and message them directly to ask any specific questions.